Wondering who your match made in heaven, hot & heavy hookup, and BFF is? Now you can find out what's in store for all your friendships and romances using the world's most advanced astrological algorithm, brought to you by Moonit! **As seen on ABCNews, FOX, USA Today, Forbes, NY Times, Reuters, BusinessWeek, Mashable, TechCrunch, Washington Post, and Toronto Star.** Over 1 million users have received their accurate relationship compatibility results! Unlike other astrology services that simply compare your "signs" (e.g. Capricorn & Scorpio), AstroCalc uses your exact birth dates - day, month and year - to determine your compatibility. Bonus: there's a unique algorithm for friendship vs. romantic relationships, so you can see whether you're just friends...or something more. The result is an incredibly accurate % score and 300-word output that gives you insights into what to appreciate, what to look out for and what to work on in any relationship. In general, if a score is over 50%, your relationship is going to be very rewarding. If it is under 50%, there are some challenges you may need to overcome. Either way, you will get a lot of value out of your relationship compatibility readings. After reading them, you can decide whether you want to share them with your friends and family! AstroCalc makes it easy to get your compatibility with all the people in your life, even if you don't know their birthdays. You can simply choose "Find in Contacts" to import your address book contact information or "Find with Moonbeam" to get your compatibility with the people standing right next to you. If you're using Moonbeam, just make sure you either have BlueTooth turned on or are on the same Wifi network. What MOONIT FANS are saying: "You have it right on, good job” "This is really true! Thanks for the tips also!” “You're totally right, about everything. I love you guys. I really do! Keep up the good work ;)” “Great, the best, thanks, you make my day brighter.”


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